News: File duplication issue has been fixed and few new mirrors were added.
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- Check if files you're sharing are clean!

Mirror files with UploadMagnet - The Perfect Solution

Having your files mirrored to your best and favorite file sharing sites is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and can be done within seconds, with the use of our free mirror upload service.
If you didn't know, our multi file upload service can be also used to mirror files directly to your account on chosen file sharing sites.

FTP Support

By choosing FTP option to mirror upload your files, files will be instantly uploaded to your FTP server.

Live Statistics

Have all the information displayed in live graphs to see your mirrored files activity on a daily basis.

Remote Upload and Mirroring

To keep track what is downloading through remote upload and what is mirroring to selected mirrors, there is queue feature.

Multi Threading

If you choose to mirror upload files to multiple file sharing sites, your files will be distributed parallelly.